Coving to hide curtains

At WM Boyle we offer a generous selection of modern and period style curtain cover coving. Each piece is made from a lightweight material, Lightweight Purotouch, so you can install with ease. Our various curtain profiles will seamlessly fit your interior, successfully concealing your curtain rails, as well as adding an elegant touch.    How do you hide a curtain rail? Installing a bracket or cornice is a great way to cover your curtain rail, as well as adding an aesthetic touch to your interior. At WM Boyle we have a wonderful range of lightweight coving curtain pelmets that are easy to install, with something to suit every style of home. What is a curtain rail cover called? The official name for a curtain rail cover is called a coving curtain pelmet. It is defined as a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top a window casing.  Can you ceiling mount curtains with cornice? Floor to ceiling curtains has become a very popular trend in recent years, as it adds a sense of height to your ceiling. Although you can’t mount curtains on the cornice, you can simply install the curtains 50 mm below the cornice and it will still achieve the floor-to-ceiling look. Can curtain tracks go on the ceiling? The simple answer is yes. This being said, as curtains are surprisingly heavy, you must use appropriate raw plugs or plate plugs and high quality screws to ensure you have a secure fixing.

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