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Full Columns

Make a statement and add elegance to the front entrance of your home with the addition of a full architectural plain or fluted column pillar. Traditionally known to provide structural support or distinctive architectural style, the change in fashion and trends have seen pillars being used for decorative purposes to add classic visual effect to a home’s décor. Our full columns can be used in both your interior and exterior, and come in both plain and fluted designs. The choice is yours. Transform your interior or home’s exterior entrance with one of our Corinthian or Doric styled columns.

What are Fluted Architectural Columns?

Fluted architectural columns have long vertical hollow grooves along the column or pilaster. Traditionally, the flutes run along the entire height of the column, however, this can be adjusted to have the flutes however long you aesthetically please. Fluted columns are iconic from classic Greek and Roman architecture, but offer an elegant statement to any modern home or building. The earliest columns found in Greece were made from tree trunks and grooves were created when the bark was stripped from the trunk. Column fluting continued when stone and marble materials started being introduced in architecture, and continues to be popular in modern design too, creating an elegant decorative feature. Fluting columns with flutes one after the other adds dimension and overall rhythm to a plain architectural column. Flutes traditionally made buildings look more purposeful and important, however nowadays fluted architectural columns create a bold, aesthetically pleasing statement as well as providing structural support.

If you’d like more information about our collection of architectural columns, please call us on 0141 429 1218, we’d be happy to help and share our expertise.