Crown moulding

Crown moulding is a beautiful decorative element that can be installed where your wall meets the ceiling. Traditionally, crown moulding is made of wood or plaster, however we also supply crown mouldings in high quality, lightweight materials such as Lightweight Purotouch. To compliment your baseboard mouldings, and door and window framing, crown moulding adds a special touch to any space.

What is Crown Moulding?

Creating a sophisticated addition to your room, crown moulding is not just used at the top of walls. If you feel like your kitchen is missing a finishing touch, adding crown moulding above your upper cabinets can add height to the room and create an interesting detail for the eye. As well as above cabinets, crown moulding can create an effective focal point for arches and openings throughout your home. Nowadays, it is a very popular option to add hollow crown moulding to help conceal cables and wires throughout your home. Saving you the trouble and disruption of creating holes in your walls, crown moulding effectively hides and conceals wiring to give a clean, decorative aesthetic. Our crown moulding also comes with various benefits when you make this addition to your home. When installed effectively, it can add the finishing touch to a space and create more interest to the room, therefore potentially adding overall value to your home. Adding this type of moulding to your space can also help conceal small inconsistencies. The flexibility of our lightweight material allows the moulding to adjust slightly, if your walls or ceilings are uneven. This type of moulding is also great to help conceal texture or paint inconsistencies, giving a more refined, polished finish. Although crown moulding is traditionally known for decorating traditional and vintage homes, modern homes can also benefit from this type of moulding. With so many styles on offer, you can paint our range of crown mouldings to suit your home and match your taste of interior. Switching up styles and colours between rooms can create a unique combination within your home, or install the same moulding to each room to create a seamless flow throughout. No matter where you choose to use crown moulding or what style you decide to go for, our crown moulding is a beautiful addition to any part of your home. It adds an elegant, classy touch to your space, and sometimes even adds practicality to a room when concealing imperfections and hiding wiring. Discover our crown moulding products below and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our range.

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