ogee skirting profiles

Skirting board profiles are a must-have finish in any room, adding authenticity to your interior decor. Our very popular Ogee skirting board designs are timeless and considered ‘staples’ within the interior design industry, with its unique sweeping curved profile. Ogee skirting boards are decorative yet simple enough to suit any interior space and style, although it is very popularly used in modern builds and traditional interiors. The ‘S’ shape and diametric arcs provide an aesthetic finish to the edge of a wall as well as concealing any gaps. The skirting design you choose should depend on your home’s features, ambience and decor and we’re confident our range of Ogee skirting boards will add a unified silhouette to your interior. These Ogee skirting boards are extremely easy to install and can be customised to your interior with a quick coat of paint.

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