Torus Skirting

All great interiors have skirting boards to elevate the design and aesthetic of any room. Skirting boards create smooth and elegant transitions from the ceiling to the floor with the addition of a high quality white skirting board. The torus skirting is a beautiful style of skirting that perfectly blends with the style, ambience and look of more modern homes. The torus is a vintage circular architectural feature; torus skirting boards are elegantly rounded with a semicircle at the top of their moulding which offers visual depth.  With 5 inch torus skirting boards or 4 inch torus skirting profiles, our Orac mouldings are highly flexible, long lasting and made from superior quality. Plus, our Orac torus skirting boards are indispensable additions to any room whether it’s your living room, hallway, kitchen, master bedroom or ensuite. Our range of torus skirting boards can be viewed and bought below.     [read more] What are torus skirting boards?  Torus skirting boards feature a semicircular convex curve just under the lip of the skirting which offers a contemporary yet classic look. Another small detail is that the top edge is thinner than the bottom part on a torus skirting profile.  What is the difference between ogee and torus skirting boards?  The main difference between ogee and torus skirting profiles is the shape of the curves. Ogee skirting boards boast a minimalist design with gentle wavy curlicues, whereas torus boards feature a semicular curve at the top of the moulding.  Why install a torus skirting board?  Our Orac torus skirting boards are highly durable, water resistant, easy to install and finished with a white primer, ready for a splash of paint. Moreover, our torus profiles can match most decorative interiors, adding elegance to your contemporary home or period property. They are both functional and aesthetic.  [/read]  

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