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Extra small, plain, flexible coving / cornice.  This is our smallest bendy cornice and is perfect for simply finishing the edge between wall and ceiling and gives you a nice flat edge to paint up to.  There is really nothing worse that a wobbly painted finish at the top of your wall!  It features a plain, concave shaped, ‘Scotia’ profile and can also be used as a skirting beading.  Our Orac curved covings are the ideal way to finish curved walls and bay windows.

Please check our guide to ensure that this flexible cornice will bend to your curve.  Orac Flexible Coving Guide

Supplied in 2 metre lengths.

1.6cm High x 1.6cm Projection.  Flexible Purotouch.

Use along with C250 straight cornice and only order the flexible for the curved area as the two will match perfectly.


DESIGN IDEA – Use this small bendy cornice to finish around a column top.  The moulding may need to be cut at a point and re-joined, depending on the diameter, but it will add detail to an otherwise plain column.

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Product Enquiry

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