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Medium sized, plain, downlighting coving / cornice.  This is a simplistic concave profile which provides a sleek lighting effect.  Simply pull the coving away from the wall and hide LED lights at recess to create a wash of light down the wall. Alternatively, turn it the opposite way round and pull down from the ceiling to allow light to spread up the wall.  Designed by Ulf Moritz.

This coving is also known as the ‘Curtain’ cornice as it can be used to hide curtain systems.

11cm High x 14cm projection.  Supplied in 2 metre lengths.  Lightweight Purotouch.


TOP TIP – Always use our FX210 or FX200 extra strong jointing glue between all the joints and mitres.  This ensures a strong hold and prevents the joints from opening up after installation.

Please call or email if you would like a sample of this lighting cornice sent.


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Product Enquiry

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