Wood Burning Stove Regulations 2022 - Ecodesign & Multi Fuel

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14th November 2019

The government’s Clean Air Strategy aims to promote the use of clean-burning stoves and appliances in order to minimise the amount of harmful emissions that pollute our air quality. And by January 2022 it will be law that all solid fuel appliances sold will have to be Ecodesign Compliant. The primary focus of Ecodesign’s regulations are to reduce Particle and Carbon Monoxide emissions, improve efficiency and sustainability of all fuel-burning stoves.

What is Ecodesign and what does it mean for stove owners?

Ecodesign is a European-wide initiative designed to lower the emissions from stoves. Ecodesign stoves are designed to reduce all emissions by burning wood completely and more efficiently. Ecodesign stoves have been tested by an independent, approved laboratory and successfully meet the emissions and minimum efficiency regulations.

Current stove owners will not be affected by this impending regulatory change as this only applies to new stoves. However, when you come to replace or update your wood-burning stove, post 2022, your new fuel burner will need to adhere and comply with the new Ecodesign regulations. Ecodesign stove owners will benefit from superior heat performance and lower emissions, the best of both worlds.

Current regulations for stove burners & 2022 regulatory changes

At present, fuel-burning appliances within the UK market are required to meet the minimum efficiency limits of 65% when operated at minimal heat output. This ensures that all new fuel- burning stoves do not affect a properties overall energy usage and performance.

Following January 2022, all solid fuel burning stoves and appliances will need to be independently tested to demonstrate that they meet the seasonal efficiency and four emission limit provisions set by Ecodesign regulations. An Ecodesign stove lowers emissions to an absolute minimum and features a high efficiency combustion system that uses 70% less logs than an open fire and 20% less than a standard stove to heat your home. Although, the focus has been on wood-burning, these regulations apply to all solid fuel stoves, including boiler stoves. Manufacturers will need to declare the fuel used within each specific stove as regulatory requirements will vary.

There will be a dramatic reduction in CO minimum emission, as currently the limit is 12,500mg, alongside the addition of new seasonal efficiency percentages which can be seen in the table below–

Appliance TypeFuelSeasonal Efficiency (%)CO (mg)
Open FireWood302000
Open FireSmokeless302000
Closed ApplianceWood651500
Closed ApplianceSmokeless651500
Closed AppliancePellet79300

Source: https://bit.ly/350OSZs

Aside from buying an Ecodesign wood burning appliance, it is critical that you burn good quality fuel. Alistair Compton, Managing Director of The Stovax Heating Group, highlighted that burning the right fuel on the right wood burning appliance is the way to a greener, more sustainable future. If you are unaware of which types of fuel are best suited for your stove, ask your supplier or get in contact with a member of our team as we are happy to answer any of your stove queries.

Wm Boyle Ecodesign Compliant Stoves

At Wm Boyle, we offer a range of authentic fireplaces and stoves which operate to Ecodesign’s high efficiency and minimal emission standards. Our Burley stove range all boast a dramatic flame picture with unparalleled fuel efficiency. The Burley range is often regarded as one of the most efficient wood-burning stoves in the world, and within our Glasgow showroom we offer the Burley Debdale, Holywell, Brampton and Launde stove models. Not only are these designs eco-friendly and sustainable, they also offer an aesthetic centrepiece to your home’s interior, whether it’s a period property or modern new build.

Burley stoves GlasgowBurlet stoves Glasgow













Alternatively, we offer two beautiful Clock Woodburner Stoves which both have an efficiency rating of 80% or above, which adhere to the new Ecodesign efficiency regulations. Our Clock Blifthfield 5W Stove is a stunning piece available in a choice of colours to suit your home’s colour palette featuring a minimalistic yet classic design with a large viewing glass. The addition of this wood burning stove offers warmth through a fierce and fiery glow.

Clock wood burning stoves













Our Clock Compact 5KW Stove is a multi-fuel stove which adheres to the sustainable Ecodesign regulations. Being Ecodesign 2020 ready, this stove allows you to minimise your emission output, reduce your carbon footprint on the planet whilst continuing to enjoy all the benefits of a woodburning stove. This compact Clock Stove is perfect for small fireplace openings within a small to medium sized living area. Add that finishing touch to your living room and install a beautiful Clock Stove assured to add warmth through a golden, red glow.












Follow the Ecodesign regulations and make your house a home with the addition of one of our stunning wood burning stove designs which already comply with the 2022 regulations.

Our Glasgow stove showroom is one of Glasgow’s leading suppliers of stoves with a wide range of bespoke, efficient and high-quality wood burning and multi-fuel stoves in traditional and contemporary designs. Browse our range here.

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