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Everything You Need To Know About Skirting Boards

24th September 2019

Every great interior designer knows that the addition of the various types of skirting boards can elevate the design of a room whilst adding that finishing aesthetic touch. Allow your interior aspirations to take shape and create that seamless smooth transition from ceiling to floor with the integration of a white skirting board or Victorian skirting board. Orac’s skirting board collection offers consumers various styles and shapes to suit all architectures.

A skirting board is a graceful connection between the floor and the wall but can also add so much more to your home’s interior décor. By adding flair and character to your interior, raising the ceiling through an aesthetic, and masking unwanted cables discretely. Plus, skirting board covers can camouflage old rustic skirting boards and complement the new outlook you wish to reflect through your interior. Skirting boards offer the opportunity to visually enlarge your room and integrate a soft glow through LED lighting. Simply, skirting boards are essential to any room. And at Wm Boyle we offer a range of white skirting board profiles.

Types of Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are multi-functional and come in various types and styles to suit every home architecture from grand Victorian designs to minimalistic contemporary homes or loft apartments. The skirting board mould and material should mirror the décor you wish to portray through your homes interior design. Orac offer a wide range of skirting boards from decorative skirting profiles to classic, contemporary, flexible, torus and ogee skirting boards. We offer a range of both Lightweight or Flexible Duropolymer and Flexible Purotouch skirting.

How To Choose the Right Skirting Board

The type of skirting board you choose should depend on your design aspirations, character and existing décor. If you live in a Victorian property, then the addition of a skirting board can add seamless transitions from high ceiling walls to the floor. Whereas if your home radiates a modern feel, a flexible or small skirting board can complement your design. Decorative skirting profiles suit period-style settings and simpler designs suit a clean, more modern interior.

Traditional Victorian properties feature high ceilings, cornicing and large windows therefore Victorian architraves and Victorian skirting boards should be installed to mirror the style and elegance.  Showcase your properties architecture through the installation of our SX118 Skirting Board which is a tall, plain ogee styled profile. This skirting board can add an extra touch of sophistication and charm to your interior allowing bespoke room features to take centre stage.

skirting boards

SX118 Orac lightweight skirting

We would also suggest our SX104 Lambs Tongue Skirting Board to be installed within period-style homes as this profile comes in a flexible material allowing the board to bend round curved walls and large bay windows. The finishing touch to your interior comes in both Lightweight Duropolymer and Flexible Purotouch.

SX104 flexible skirting board

SX104 lambs tongue skirting

Contemporary properties tend to suit more simplistic and minimalistic skirting designs to emulate the modern yet bespoke ambience. Modern skirting boards are becoming increasingly popular due to the amount of new build properties throughout Scotland and the UK. Within modern interiors we would suggest the installation of our SX125 Small Contemporary Skirting Board as this profile is a simple yet effective design. Offering seamless and smooth coverage throughout your room straight to your door architrave.

SX125 small contemporary skirting board

SX185 skirting board cover

SX185 skirting to hide old skirting boards

The following video from Orac also has information on how to install skirting boards.


Why You Should Install Skirting Boards

Skirting boards add both functional and aesthetic benefits and are essentially a necessity to all interiors. Our Orac skirting boards are waterproof, durable, easily to install and finished with a white primer ready for the final coat of paint. Painting your skirting boards can depend on the type of your property, as period properties often suit white skirting boards in order to draw attention to the plaster details throughout the room. Whereas, slim-lined skirting is more suited to low ceiling modern-built properties. Skirting boards can also be used to make tonal or bold interior statements, whether you decide to be harmonious with the colour scheme or attract your guest’s attention, skirting boards allow you to be creative and re-create your interior vision.

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