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How To Transform Your Ceilings Within a Budget

3rd November 2022

Ceiling designs have seen some interesting trends over the years, from popcorn ceilings to skip trowels, these trends were mostly born from laziness when building homes from 1945 to 1990. As a result, these designs still exist in many homes today and are usually the first thing that new home-owners will renovate as it can be considered outdated. As trends come and go, our ceilings can become forgotten about, effectively creating a time-capsule in your home.

To help you stay on trend, we’ve outlined some ways below in which you can spruce up your space and create unique and interesting focal points in your home to ensure your ceilings do not get forgotten in the design process.


Customise Your Ceiling Roses

Ceiling roses are an elegant way to add a touch of decorative detailing to your ceiling and make for an interesting feature. In the past, we’ve seen these ceiling roses being kept plain white or painted in neutral colours but, as of this year, people are starting to paint their ceiling roses some bold colours in a streak of genius. From deep blues to vibrant yellows, we can’t deny the eye-catching focal point of the bold ceiling roses and the way it can really tie a look together to create a stunning living space. Painting your ceiling roses a bold or pastel colour is a fantastic way to blend the old and the new with a fun twist. 

Our collection of ceiling roses are super easy to install using specialist Orac adhesives and are all finished with a white primer ready for the finishing touch of paint.

If you require any guidance on what type of ceiling rose would suit your property, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We have a style to suit all property types.

View our full range of ceiling roses here.


Go Bold With Colour

Don’t be afraid of painting your ceiling a fabulous colour. Alongside the painting of ceiling roses, 2022 has also seen an uprise in the painting of ceilings themselves. Whether it’s to match soft furnishing, skirtings or doors, painting your ceiling a bold, fun colour can create a wonderful contrast and make the room feel vibrant yet cosy. In the past, there was fear of painting ceilings as it could make the room appear smaller but with current trends, this fear has ebbed away and we’re seeing more bright ceilings than ever before. If you’re lucky enough to have tall ceilings, you should definitely try this out to see how it can completely transform a space and further enhance your space to your tastes.


ladder in room with a painted yellow ceiling

Go Wild With Wallpaper

Wallpaper has long since been a popular choice when it comes to decorating your space due to a range of patterns – from faux brick or wood, understated and traditional patterns, or bold and vibrant colours, wallpaper can be a great choice for your living space. So it comes at no surprise that wallpaper ceilings have become a trend for this year. After all, who says you have to be limited to just four walls? Have fun with your fifth – and often forgotten – wall and utilise every inch of your room to reflect your design goals. 


Stripes For Whimsy

A relatively cost-effective and less time-consuming way to liven up your ceilings is to paint stripes using a paint of your choice – we think the bolder the better. For smaller rooms, it may be best to run the stripes parallel to the flooring to ensure you do not make the space seem smaller but, for larger rooms, go wild with stripes in any direction you desire. This will force the eye up and ensure that your space is interesting, unique and put together. Experiment with line thickness and different colours to achieve your dream design goals. 


Coving and Cornice For a Chic Look

A more traditional way to highlight your ceiling, coving is a time-tested way to draw the eye up and make your living space really pop. From traditional Victorian designs to modern, sleek designs, coving and cornices can really help bring out the character of your home. Whether you keep them a neutral colour or think outside the box with a bold colour, coving can really boost a room. For an even more bold statement, tailor your lighting with LED coverings, ensuring you have interesting lighting in any room. 

You can view our selection of LED coving here. 


C395 modern lighting coving

Stay Relevant With Natural Elements

Wood and brick have seen a comeback in the world of interior design this year, so make a statement with a wood or brick ceiling. This doesn’t have to be an expensive job – there are a few ways to achieve this look while looking after your purse strings. The first way is to get your hands on a faux-wood or brick wallpaper and go for it. Faux brick can look particularly stunning in rooms with arched ceilings or in rustic kitchens or dining rooms. The possibilities are endless with an abundance of wallpaper choices at your disposal.  


Time To Experiment

Take the dive and jazz up your living space with some interesting ceilings this year, whether that be a zingy orange feature or some fantastic coving lighting. Remember, nothing is permanent so take the time to experiment with your tastes and what works well for your home. There are no wrong answers in interior design, so run with that freedom and achieve the home of your dreams.

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