Indirect Lighting Coving

Our collection of indirect lighting coving has the opportunity to enhance your home in a subtle manner. Our range includes traditional uplight and downlight coving, as well as more contemporary indirect LED lighting coving.  Unlike direct lighting, the source of light is not visible, providing subtle, evenly distributed light across the room. The light reflects off the ceiling, walls and floors of the room and prevents blinding light and shadows throughout the space. Although indirect lighting coving is great to set the mood, it is also equally effective as general room lighting as it creates a more spacious feeling in the chosen area. [read more]

Indirect Lighting Cornices & Coving

Our indirect lighting cornices and coving have the ability to really create an atmosphere in your home or workspace. Like most of our products, they can be tailored to suit your interior and match your walls and ceilings. Our high quality coving offers a range of sleek products and designs which can be installed as uplight coving or downlight coving, whatever suits your style and interior. From traditional country homes to clean, modern spaces, our exclusive range enhances the architecture and creates the perfect homely atmosphere. The coving can be painted to match the colour of your walls to make the room look complete as one, or you can make a statement by painting the cornice a complimentary colour or tone to make an architectural statement within your space. There are so many options, but whatever style and personality your interior exudes, our coving lighting range has the ability to take your space to the next level and is guaranteed to set the right mood. As the source of light is not visible, you will never be blinded by the light source which creates a more comforting environment. Although our coving is not supplied with lights, any LED lighting can be used. Plus, the use of LED lighting creates a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution than traditional lighting. Not only does the coving look great, the Lightweight Purotouch material makes it a straightforward solution to install; all you need is DIY skills. There are so many design opportunities that can be achieved using our exclusive indirect lighting coving and cornices, however to achieve the optimum light reflection, we recommend installing the coving at a dropped height of 10-14cm from the ceiling. Or if you want to try something different, use two or three of these profiles upside down and create a layered look to your indirect lighting. We think it looks particularly good when used to create an illuminated dado rail.  From contemporary LED coving features, to traditional coving lighting troughs, discover our range of indirect uplight and downlight coving below. [/read]

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