C383 ‘Linear’ Uplighting Coving

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Medium / large sized, linear uplighting / downlighting coving.  The Orac C382 coving is one of the latest LED uplighting coving designs from our Modern Collection.  With this contemporary linear design, you can incorporate indirect LED lighting into your interior to create stunning mood lighting.  The design of this profile is similar to Orac C382 but the flat section is smaller and still has chamfered edges which gives a lovely shadow line along the ceiling or wall.

Our range of ‘Modern’ profiles (C380, C382, C383) have been designed to integrate together to create a sophisticated linear pattern of light and shadow. Use the profile as an uplighting coving, downlighting coving, dado rail or try using as a vertical wall moulding.  The possibilities are endless! Remember that you don’t need to use with lighting and it can be just used as a plain linear coving.

Easy to install using our Orac adhesives. LED Coving Installation Guide


Product size – 14cm High x 5cm Projection

Length – 2 metres

Material – Lightweight Purotouch


TOP TIP – We recommend using our FDP700 Hydro adhesive for all uplighting coving installation.  Use along with our FX400 Decofix Ultra for extra strong hold of all joints and mitres.

Please contact us if you would like a sample of this coving or if you would like any advice on choosing correct style for your room.

** LED lighting not included with product.**
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