Soffit fascias

Exterior fascia soffits are fundamentally an overhang of a roof. Its basic function is to protect rafters, or support beams, and keep moisture away to reduce the chance of mould developing. The soffit board is commonly found under the fascia board on your roof, but also can be seen under porches and balconies, and can also add elegance and sophistication to your home. Interior soffits not only act as a decorative element to a room but can also be required for concealing plumbing pipes, heating ducts, structural beams and any other structural imperfections. The term soffit is defined simply as a portion of ceiling that has been built lower than the surrounding area. A soffit and cornice are popularly seen above cabinets to fill in the space between the cabinetry and the ceiling, giving a polished and aesthetic finish, or in homes with high ceilings, to create a cosy, homely feel.  If you’re looking for interior ceiling soffit or fascias supplier Glasgow, you’ve come to the right place. View our range of lightweight external cornices below that will give your home that extra sense of character, on the inside and out.

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