FDP600 Decofix Pro Adhesive – 4.2Ltr

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Decofix Pro is our standard installation adhesive. Suitable for all Purotouch, Duropolymer & Polystyrene products.

A slow-drying, water based, acrylic glue that ensures a long lasting seal between the mouldings such as coving & cornice and the wall and/or ceiling. Suitable for interior applications and on porous surfaces.

Decofix Pro cartridge – 4.2 Ltr.  Covers approximately 70 metres of coving, cornice, skirting or mouldings

For humid areas or external applications, please use our FDP700 Hydro adhesive.


For Duropolymer & Purotouch coving, skirting and mouldings use along with FX400 to seam the joints

For Polystyrene coving range use this for adhesive and to seam the joints.

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FX400 Decofix Ultra – Joints

The Orac FX400 Decofix Ultra is a special glue for creating an extra strong bond between joints and mitres of coving, cornices, skirtings and mouldings. Use with Purotouch, Duropolymer & Xterio products. Covers up to 80 metres of coving, cornice, skirting or mouldings.
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