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Wall Panel Inspiration

27th July 2020

Wall panels are both decorative and functional. They are perfect for creating character within the interior of your home. Our collection of Orac wall panels can give your home an instant lift, enriching interior spaces with decorative or simplistic interior mouldings.

Our blog aims to help you decide which style of wall panels best suit your interior, depending on whether you live in a period property or new build home.

Victorian Home Wall Panel Inspiration

Victorian homes are visually and beautifully unique, full of character and open to a world of interior design opportunities. We have some top tips on how to style and emulate the architecture of your Victorian property through the addition of wall panelling.

Enhance your Victorian property with the addition of our sculpted W120 Autoire Wall Panel, this panel will re-capture the era and architecture of your home. It will create depth to any plain wall and can be used vertically or horizontally, creating a stunning wall panel feature in any room. When used vertically, these panels will give the illusion of added height to your room.  We’d also recommend combining this panel with W121 plain wall panel to create floor to ceiling panelling. They are very easy to install using glue adhesives.

Orac W120 and W121 wall panel

Our D504 rectangular raised wall panel would also be a great addition to a Victorian or period property as this sculpted panel design will create beautiful panel lines throughout your hallway, living room or master bedroom. This rectangular shaped, plain wall panel can be stuck straight to the wall and positioned between your dado rail and skirting board to create an elegant Wainscoting wall panel design. Wainscoting is perfect for Victorian homes and for decorating long and narrow hallways, offering a touch of aesthetic detail. If you decide this panel design is perfect for you and your design aspirations, we’d suggest that you use this alongside D503 and D507 to create a classic design.

Within our Orac collection of wall panels, we’d also recommend the installation of our P3020A decorative corner wall panel to our Victorian interior. This beautifully ornate corner can be used to create plush panels or ceiling astragal panels. Install our wall corner designs at all four corners of your ceiling and then run our P3020 moulding around the perimeter of the ceiling to create a stunning ceiling band.

P3020 Large ornate wall panel

Modern Wall Panel Inspiration

A new-build property is like a blank canvas, it creates an opportunity for you to transform your house into a home that is a reflection of you, your character, lifestyle and design aspirations. You’ve not inherited anyone else’s style, and you won’t have the stress of stripping the property back. Everything is new and ready to be decorated. We’ve got some wall panel inspiration that will help you create your dream interior look.

Our SX163 plain wall panel / dado rail would be a beautiful addition to your interior. This contemporary and flat panel design is also multi-functional, it can be used as a dado rail, panel moulding, door architrave or skirting board. This design is perfect for adding character to new built properties, emulating the contemporary and minimalist style. Additionally, this wall panel has a primed finish and is ready to a final coat of paint to mirror your dream interior colour palette.

contemporary skirting board designs


To give your interior additional flair and 3D dimension, we’d suggest the installation of Orac’s F30 raised wall panelling design. This decorative and recessed wall panelling design adds elegance and style to any room. The F30 wall panel looks beautiful and seamless under a large plain dado rail and can be glued flat to the wall or recessed into the wall.

Orac raised wall panelling

On the other hand, our PX175 plain wall panel moulding would be the perfect addition to your modern interior. Modern built properties often feature lower ceilings and this wall panel design would help emulate the existing decor and ambience of your interior. This panel is also a great seller in our Glasgow showroom. Give your interior additional detail and design through the installation of a simplistic yet elegant wall panel.

Although we’ve split our wall panel inspiration into two categories, we’ve got a beautiful wall panel design that would suit both property styles: P4025 Autoire wall panel / dado rail. This Orac wall panel / dado rail is a new addition to our lightweight collection. The P4025 is a chunky design and features a sculptured profile making it perfect for use in both modern built and traditional styled homes. It can be used as a simple dado rail, a ceiling astragal or used to create simplistic wall panel design. This design is also available in flexible lengths for curved walls or bay windows.

Orac P4025_panel_moulding

We’ve given you some inspiration but the final decision is yours. Choose the wall panel that you want, choose the panel that suits your style and character. We’ve got a wide range of beautiful lightweight wall panel designs to choose from, and if you’re still stuck for ideas, give us a call on 0141 429 1218 and we’ll talk you through the designs that would suit your property.

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