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What Is A Pilaster?

24th October 2019

Understated and classic interiors can be created with the addition of a decorative pilaster. The installation of pilasters can add a dramatic 3D effect to your interior whilst reflecting the architectural style of your property with traditional fluted pilaster designs. We offer pilaster designs to suit all property sizes, shapes and styles. Follow your creative imagination and add an extra authentic touch to your home’s interior or exterior with one of our pilaster designs.

Styles of Pilasters

The style and design you choose should seamlessly reflect the style of your property. If you live in a period property we would suggest the installation of our K201 – Complete Decorative Pilaster as this design will elegantly complement the high ceiling structure, long corridor design and bay windows layout. This fluted pilaster adds a visual aesthetic to your interior through a third dimensional dynamic.

K201 Complete decorative pilaster

K201 Corinthian style pilaster top













Alternatively, we would recommend our K251 – Complete Decorative Pilaster. This pilaster is one of our widest design styles which features an intricate Corinthian style top with a fluted pillar and plain base. The addition of this decorative pilaster will enhance the elegance and authenticity of your period property. This pilaster design is also suitable for both interior and exterior usage.

K251 Complete decorative pilaster

K251 Pilasters used in hallway













A pilaster installation can add a decorative feature to the minimalistic feel of your interior or add a dramatic statement to give your home extra flair and quirk. Within our range we would recommend the implementation of our K200 Fluted Pilaster / Door Architrave as this design can perfectly complement the ambience of your interior whilst adding an extra touch of detail to your walls blank canvas.

K200 Fluted door architrave with door top

K200 Fluted pilaster and door architrave













Be creative and elevate the design of your home with the addition of a pilaster. A decorative pilaster will add that finishing detail you’ve been looking for by breaking up the monotony of a flat surface, blank wall canvas or create an authentic and aesthetic front entrance statement.

Say goodbye to those awkward spaces and introduce a pilaster to your exterior or interior. Our elegant selection of highly durable and primed Orac pilasters are the perfect structural element for any property.

We also offer a range of full and half columns which can be combined with our pilasters to further complement the architectural structure of your home. Please note that our pilaster and column stock can be delivered straight to your door within 2-3 working days.





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