Types of Ceiling Rose Designs - What is a Ceiling Rose?

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Which Ceiling Rose Style Would Best Suit My Interior

2nd September 2019

Give your room that wow factor with an authentic and aesthetic touch through the installation of a ceiling rose. The Orac ceiling rose collection offers style and detail for both grand Victorian properties and contemporary new builds. And we can help you decide which type of ceiling rose is best suited to your home and interior design.

The installation of a decorative ceiling rose has become a prominent statement piece. From spotlighting chandeliers, to wall art features and contemporary lighting backgrounds, ceiling roses can be used in both traditional and unconventional ways to highlight your home’s design and character.

What is a ceiling rose?

Staying true to tradition, ceiling roses can add a touch of decorative detail to a plain ceiling. Ceiling roses perfectly complement rooms with coving or cornices by adding design continuity throughout your interior. Our lightweight ceiling roses come in a variety of designs, to allow you to choose one that matches the architecture of your home.

Period properties are more likely to spotlight elaborate Georgian or Victorian ceiling roses to suit their large ceiling heights, whereas contemporary builds are more likely to showcase simpler designs to match the minimalist contemporary feel of the home. A single ceiling rose can create an interesting focal point within your room. Our Orac collection of coving and cornices can perfectly complement your ceiling rose of choice, ensuring consistency throughout your interior design.

Types of Ceiling Roses

The most popular ceiling roses can be split into two categories: Plaster and Lightweight. Plaster ceiling roses come in a variety of styles from plain, flat circles to large, intricate and ornate designs. Plaster is a heavier yet traditional material that gives ceiling roses an authentic period-style finish. Whereas we offer lightweight ceiling roses which are made from high quality polyurethane materials that allow for fine sharp details (Purotouch). Our collection also showcases a range of styles including small plain roses to decorative roses, to large and intricate designs.

Styles of Ceiling Roses

The style you choose should depend on your existing décor. If you live in a period property with existing coving or cornicing then a ceiling rose would be the perfect finishing touch. Within our ceiling rose collection we offer styles that will match all properties, including Victorian properties and contemporary builds. If your home boasts both plain ceilings and plain coving, the style of ceiling rose is your choice and dependent on your interior aspirations. Similarly, if your ceiling has no coving or decoration, you have a blank canvas to design. The architectural design of your home should be central to the style of ceiling rose you choose.

For period properties we would suggest one of our best-selling ceiling roses, the R40 Plain Georgian Ceiling Rose. This ceiling rose is perfect for grand formal rooms or large bathrooms. However, its minimalistic design allows you to use in to complement a modern light fixture, as shown below:

Plain georgian ceiling rose

R40 Lightweight ceiling rose

Large plain georgian ceiling roses

Alternatively, for Victorian period properties we would suggest our R18 Lightweight Victorian Ceiling Rose as its intricate detail blends perfectly with a period property’s’ architectural design and high ceilings. This medium sized rose would look perfect within smaller sitting rooms or dining rooms. Detail can also be added to your home’s interior through the installation of our R27 Traditional Ceiling Rose (shown below), which showcases a Victorian style with scrolled leaf edges. This ceiling rose would be ideal for rooms with ceiling heights of 3 metres or more.

traditional ceiling rose

R27 lightweight ceiling rose

Traditional ceiling rose designs

New builds suit smaller contemporary ceiling roses due to the layout and scale of the rooms.  We offer a variety of simplistic designs to suit modern builds including our R08 Small Plain Lightweight Ceiling Rose and R07 Small Plain Ceiling Rose.  Ceiling roses can be used on walls to create bespoke lighting features, as shown using the R08 Small Plain Lightweight Ceiling Rose below:

Lightweight ceiling roses

R08 Lightweight ceiling rose

Lightweight ceiling roses

How To Fit Lightweight Ceiling Roses

Our collection of ceiling roses are super easy to install using specialist Orac adhesives and are all finished with a white primer ready for the finishing touch of paint.

If you require any guidance on what type of ceiling rose would suit your property, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We have a style to suit all property types.

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