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How to decorate the interior of a new build property

28th April 2020

Decorating the interior of a new build is a golden opportunity to create the perfect home to suit your personality. Without the constraints of a previous owner’s style, or the inconvenience of having to gut a property to get it back to that “blank canvas” stage, you can build something to suit your lifestyle.

At the same time, a new build can be a bit daunting. There is a reason that so many aspiring writers and artists can spend a lot of time staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike. Fortunately, getting over that first hurdle doesn’t need to be hard. Read on for some tips on how to approach your new build interior.

Finding Your Style

Before you so much as look at a paint swatch, you should take some time to establish what it is you hope to achieve with your interior. What kind of atmosphere do you wish to create? Do you have a particular colour scheme in mind?

The internet can be a great help at this stage. Search sites like Instagram and Pinterest for examples of interior decor that match your vision, and study what was done in those spaces. Don’t be afraid to mix and match when exploring other examples of interior decoration. It can even help to take magazines or catalogues and cut pictures out so that you can arrange them—collage-style—to get a better idea of how they will look.

Once you then have in mind an idea of the type of interior design you would like and the features you require to achieve it you can then go shopping on websites (such as our own) to find the products. We have a wide range of products which would suit new build properties including contemporary & flexible skirting boards, coving and small as well as larger wall panelling options.

PX117 Small Plain Wall Moulding and SX104 Lambs Tongue Skirting

Take Your Time

It is quite common for new-build owners to know what they’re working with ahead of actually moving in, so that can help to resist the urge to make rash decisions, especially when it comes to things like painting or wallpapering. If at all possible, avoid painting or papering when first moving in, when things are still settling, or you may end up having to redecorate sooner than you hoped!


When you begin decorating, don’t be afraid to try things entirely in the knowledge that you may not like it. The first paint sample you try doesn’t have to be the one. The first position you place your sofa isn’t necessarily the best place. Try different combinations of colours and layouts, and don’t be limited by what you think will work. You may find something that seemed absurd in your head works well in the room.

3d Wall Panels are just one example of features that can be used to experiment with to make your home’s interior feel a little more vibrant.


Shed Light on Your Interior

The impact that lighting has on an interior space is drastically undervalued. People often don’t appreciate how impactful it can be to have plenty of natural light coming through your windows until they live in a space that lacks it.

Similarly, when considering your interior lighting, think about the spaces that will be affected, and what you will likely be doing in those spaces. Having a central light that lights a whole room is standard, but do you also need a more intimate lighting option, perhaps for reading under?

Or could some uplighting coving be put to good use with some LED lighting, allowing light to diffuse upwards to the top of the room? We have a number of products which are now very popular for creating the perfect lighting in your room such as Diagonal Uplighting Coving.

The following video has more information on how to install 3D wall coving.

Finishing Touches

Never underestimate the impact a small touch can make—a plant pot here, a painting there. Things like rugs and ornaments can make your new build feel truly yours. Just be careful not to clutter your space so much as to make it impractical.

And above all, have fun with it. It’s your home, and you should enjoy it.

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