Entrance Porch Decor

Transform the exterior of your home and add some welcoming shelter with our range of entrance porch decor. The small area that links the outside to your interior doesn’t have to look boring or conventional. It’s the first thing you see when you get home and what guests see when they arrive, so it makes sense to add some detail and create an aesthetically pleasing entrance to your home. [read more] We have a wide range of entrance porch decor including exterior fascia coving, cornice, gallow brackets and more. Using the exclusive range of products from ORAC Xterio, we offer lightweight, low maintenance, high quality mouldings that are suitable for exterior use across the UK. Our collection of lightweight gallow brackets and corbels are perfect for strengthening the architectural support below door canopies, porches or oriel windows. As well as providing extra support to your structure, there are many design options that can be considered to complement the aesthetic of your entrance porch and exterior. Corbels, also known as dentils are a great addition to any home when trying to add a subtle touch of detail to your property’s exterior. The finish of the corbels can be plain or decorative, but whatever your style, they will always create an attractive statement to your exterior. These products can be added under entrance porches as well as beams and eaves. Our range of corbels and dentils come in a variety of lightweight designs and styles, suitable for all home aesthetics. Whatever your desired finish, we have an extensive range of external mouldings that add authenticity and intricate detail to suit all entrance porch decor ideas. Orac’s exterior mouldings are sprayed with a white automotive paint finish but can also be painted over once installed, to suit the colour scheme of your property. Keeping the mouldings white creates a welcoming impression and keeps your home looking light and fresh. However, you could create a statement with a more bold choice of colour to showcase the transition between outdoors and in. With the wide variety of styles and designs, and the opportunity to update the decorative elements, we’re sure there is something to suit everyone’s architectural and design needs. All of our gallow brackets, corbels and dentils are easy to install and maintenance free, so you can be assured that your entrance will last for years to come. First impressions count so let us help you transform your property with our wide range of entrance porch decor. [/read]

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